Best-Self Leadership

Mission: To empower people and communities to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE.

Vision: Citizens and communities plan and practice best-self leadership so we work and enjoy living as our best-selves, thus making our country the best it can be collectively, stronger.

Best-Self Leadership is a core program of Life Leaders because it is part of our mission to help individuals, groups, and communities learn and use principles and practices of living as our best-selves.

We focus on helping educators and other leaders help students Plan for School and Life as well as learn age-appropriate leadership principles for leading their lives as a foundation for capacity to serve and lead others.

We also provide resources and services to mentors of students, teachers, professionals, and others inspired to learn and serve as their best-selves. As one example, please visit our Character Traits initiative page.

Earning and Delegating Empowerment is a related concept, and includes:

  • 7 Components of Attitude
  • 7 Components of ability
  • Professional development plan to earn empowerment
  • People development plan to help others earn empowerment

Life Leaders has these and other planbooks available for your immediate download and use.

One of the best ways to implement what you learn about Best-Self Leadership is with a Plan for School and the 7 Areas of Life.

Here are some additional leadership excerpts from our Professionalism Under Stress book for your use:


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