Life Leaders at Lunch

Dr. Dyson Life Leaders at Lunch

What we typically do:

  • Lunch (get our own and join the group).
  • Offer a new or updated resource such as a planbook or tool you can use.
  • Updated web pages, blogs of interest, or downloads people like.
  • Invitations or updates on upcoming events.
  • Progress and Plans for your use and feedback.

People attending typically are Users of our publications and programs, Sponsors, and Advocates (USA). Guests are invited. If you wish to learn more before you attend or make a reservation, call David or write to

Life Leaders at Lunch is a shift from 25 years of hosting monthly seminars and meetings in the evening, typically the first week of each month. We used evenings in the beginning so professionals and family members could attend, learn, and plan together. Society has shifted habits and more of our members and friends prefer daytime for events.

Check our Events page for upcoming opportunities.

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