Advance Alabama

Mission: To advance Alabama branded for National Movements for Veterans Day, Civil & Human Rights, and Plan for School & Life–connected to Freedom.


  • Branding Alabama for Freedom (in addition to “Yellowhammer State”)–Alabama is the only state leading on all three major freedoms: Liberty, Rights, and Flourish (national movements for Veterans Day, Civil Rights, and Plans for School & Life)
  • Branding Alabama for starting the national movement for America’s Veterans Day.
  • Top 5 national resource for teachers of history and character traits for Veterans Day
  • Top 5 resource for teachers of Rights connected to Liberty by Veterans
  • Branding Alabama as a destination for Freedom, Rights, and Patriotic Holidays
  • Resource for teachers of students to Plan for School & Life with Best-Self Leadership

Three Key Web Pages to State Our Case

…affirming the national history and leadership of Alabama for establishing America’s Veterans Day in 1947, thanks to Senators Sessions and Shelby. This resolution (PDF) updated the resolutions passed in 2003 citing another state for starting Veterans Day (seven years after Birmingham launched) without mention of Alabama or founder Mr. Raymond Weeks, who was honored by President Reagan in 1982 as the “driving force” for America’s Veterans Day. This resolution was a major milestone in the campaign launched 2012 by Life Leaders and our Patriotism in Action Program intended to restore, protect, and advance the legacy of Alabama, the City of Birmingham, and Mr. Raymond Weeks, who gave 40 years of his life dedicated to honoring veterans and Alabama.

Governor of Alabama signed this proclamation in 2012 affirming Veterans Day started in Alabama and calling on Veterans Affairs, Education, Tourism to act…

…proposed by Life Leaders and our Patriotism in Action Program to “put a stake in the ground” affirming Alabama’s role establishing America’s Veterans Day and its importance to those who serve Veterans Affairs, Education, and Tourism because their jobs help ensure success and sustainability. If you know people serving those areas, please show appreciation for their action or encourage them to get started.

Links to Organizations…

…with Missions to serve citizens related to Alabama as national destination for groups who commemorate Veterans Day, Patriotism, Human Rights, Freedom, Education, and helping people Plan and Lead in Life

Let us know of others advancing Alabama related to Freedoms that could be added here.


Advance Alabama seeks to add and support strategic thinking, planning, and action focusing first on educating the state and nation on the national distinctions for the Veterans Day and Civil Rights movements. Alabama is the only state that led on establishing both movements. Alabama is a Freedom State. Birmingham is a Freedom City.

Another state claims to have had the idea for Veterans Day in 1953, seven years after Birmingham and Alabama had been hosting the first event to honor veterans of all wars. The U.S. Senate affirmed Alabama officially in 2012. Multiple cities claim to be “cradle of the Civil Rights Movement,” with Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma each playing the site of major historical events connected to the Civil Rights Movement. These three cities in Alabama collectively make the state the “cradle” for historical events.

History supports Alabama for Veterans Day (Freedom of Liberty) and Civil Rights (Freedom of Rights). Now, Alabama can plan to serve the nation as leader for events and education supporting these national movements. Because of Liberty and Rights provided by veterans and military as well as foot soldiers, we have more Freedom to Flourish.

Millions of students in the USA hear and see lessons on Veterans Day and Human Rights annually. We can help their teachers provide history (that many do not know) that includes where and how Veterans Day started and its connection to Human Rights as well as character traits taught in most good schools, such as: Patriotism, Courage, Perseverance.

If you want students to receive this type of information and inspiration, contact Life Leaders.

If you want Alabama to be known for these positive national distinctions, contact Life Leaders.

If you want students to write Plans for School and Life, contact Life Leaders.

More movements are starting and improving, if we envision, take action, and persevere like those before us, supported by patriots who provide volunteerism or resources, the level of servant leadership and the brand of Alabama will improve as a place to host events, do business, and live.

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