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5 Best Practices of Leaders taught by Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims

Model the Way Inspire a Shared Vision Challenge the Process Enable others to Act Encourage the Heart Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims taught these key practices for teachers and other leaders at…
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Answer 7 Questions to Set an Achievable Resolution

Over 50% of people who set resolutions quit before succeeding. This 7-Step Process for planning an achievable resolution will increase your chances of success. Consider what result you want and…
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Make Setbacks Opportunities–T.D. Jakes

Make life’s interruptions your opportunities. T.D. Jakes One of the quotations recommended by Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims, Associate Dean, College of Education, Troy University, and Co-chair, Women and Leadership Affinity Group Conference  …
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Listening can help you get inside a soul–Ann Kline

"When you give somebody your full attention and listen to them completely, you hear more than just their words; you discover their feelings and emotions and you get inside their…
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Courage to Create a New Comfort Zone–Thomas Fuller

Many of us hold back, sometimes unconsciously, on pursuing dreams–because of fear. We sometimes dwell on possible negative outcomes like failure or embarrassment. Seminar students often say, they stay in their…
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