Make Setbacks Opportunities–T.D. Jakes

Make life’s interruptions your opportunities.

T.D. Jakes

One of the quotations recommended by Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims, Associate Dean, College of Education, Troy University, and Co-chair, Women and Leadership Affinity Group Conference



I appreciate Dr. Rosser-Mims sharing one of her favorite quotations and the inspiration behind it. Learning to plan and implement is important, though, sometimes, it is even more valuable to have a mindset to adapt to “interruptions” of your plan to look at them as possible opportunities instead of disappointing setbacks.

One, feeling disappointed usually does not change your circumstances so you might as well look for positive solutions. Two, if you look at a situation that has become different than you dreamed, you may find opportunity to make results even better than envisioned if you press on. And, third, you can develop your capacities to adapt and persist through adversity, growing stronger and setting an example. – David


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