Life Leaders focuses on 7 callings (programs). Growing from those callings are special initiatives meriting additional attention to help state and nation. We seek to contribute to Character Traits Education and development with students and more citizens. We seek to add personal leadership to environmental sustainability through Environmental Leadership.

Character Traits

Character traits education and inspiration for students, teachers, mentors.

Most states in America list character traits to emphasize in schools. Alabama identified 25 character traits mandated in 1995 for instruction for 10 minutes daily. We offer lessons on five of the 25 traits illuminated by national contributions in Alabama–Patriotism, Courage, Perseverance, Loyalty, Citizenship. We also teach and provide summary lessons on five more that merit addition, particularly in Alabama–Freedom, Peace, Trust, Honor, Leadership. Visit our new Character Education page to see more resources and options.

Life Leaders’ Character Traits page

Environmental Leadership

Personal leadership and planning for life applied to environmental leadership and sustainable agriculture.

Life Leaders’ Environmental Leadership page

Ranch and Farm

Education, events, and enrichment experiences to fulfill our callings for developing others hosted at an animal sanctuary and organic garden.

Life Leaders’ Ranch and Farm page

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