Camp Rockhurst kids visit Compassion Ranch to learn & develop compassion and courage
Life Leaders at Lunch event learning how to earn empowerment

Life Leaders’ Purpose / Mission: To empower citizens, communities, and country to PLAN & LEAD in LIFE.

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Teaching Veterans Day History and Character Traits for 4th Graders in Hoover, AL

Life Leaders has 7 Areas of Calling.

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I. People Planning, Doing our best, Developing Character & Competence, Making Comebacks, Mastering Goliaths

1. Best-Self Leadership (Your Best-Self Strategy, planbook, seminars, coaching, advising leaders…)

2. Plan for School & 7 Areas of Life (school presentations, college lectures, plan book, coaching, advising leaders on curriculum…)

3. Master Your Goliaths (how to set achievable resolutions, make comebacks, assess barriers and problems, plan solutions…)

Col. Bob Barefield (R), Chair of Life Leaders’ Patriotism in Action program

II. Patriotism, Veterans Day, Freedom of Liberty & Rights, Freedom to Flourish, Citizenship, Character Traits Education

4. Patriotism in Action (Veterans Day and other patriotic and educational events…

5. Veterans Day Founding History & Character Education (book, poster, lesson plans, teacher resources, video, guest speaking and lectures…)

6. Freedom Lives/Freedom to Flourish (school and civic club presentations, teacher resources connecting Veterans Day, Civil Rights, and Best-Self Leadership…)

7. Advance Alabama (proposal to leaders of Alabama, particularly government, education, tourism, commerce calling for us take action before World Games 2021)

Additionally, Life Leaders has initiatives that incorporate our callings and country:

1. Ranch & Farm for Animals and People (events in nature with horses/animals, plants, planning workshops, coaching…). We can host you at Triple D Ranch & Farm, provided by one of our trustees, as part of our newest and largest program, Compassion Ranch.

2. More Life Leaders initiatives

We hope you like this Get Started Summary and view our Advanced page for more options and topics!

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