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Life Leaders Publications and Presentations

Professionalism Under Stress: Lessons for Professionalism, Stress, and Gunfighting by Col. Stretch Dunn (1943-2017) and Dr. David Dyson, presents compressed lessons applicable to serious students, cadets, and professionals. The authors present seven lessons for each area–professionalism, stress, gunfighting, and gunfighting leadership–in an organized, compressed style that helps you turn the lessons into action.

Patriotism in Action: America’s Veterans Day was born in Alabama led by the City of Birmingham. The book includes profiles of Veterans Day and other patriotic holidays and traditions. This is a great resource for teachers, veterans, and other patriots. All patriotic Alabamians should at least review this book. The can purchase the book in printed format or download it digitally–for free or for a donation to support more services and publications.


What is a “Planbook?” Life Leaders believes we need Planbooks — more than just “Workbooks”— so when we learn a principle, concept, or best practice, we can plan how to use that information to improve, to serve, to pass on to others. Try these handy tools as others have for free…

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