Primary Services to You, Couples, Groups

I. Best-Self Leadership, Plan for Life, and Master Your Goliaths:

  • Publications with Books and Planbooks (topics for briefings, presentations, coaching), such as Best-Self Leadership Strategy, Plan for Life, Professionalism Under Stress, Attitude and Ability Assessment and Development, Earning and Delegating Empowerment, Motivating Values, Purpose of Life…more in progress
  • Subscription to Invitations and Information sent via email
  • Subscription to Life Leaders Blog by authors and members with email alerts when posted
  • Subscription to Dr. David Blog by Dr. Dyson with email alerts when posted
  • Briefings for leaders on concepts, strategies, plans, approaches to people and organizational dev.
  • College lectures, workshops, classroom teaching, and consulting with leaders
  • School programs, assemblies, classroom teaching
  • Professional Development Seminars for Faculty
  • Student leadership presentations, courses, and programs
  • Coaching for Executives, Individuals, Couples, on Plans, Implementation, Personal/Professional Development
  • Strategic planning for individuals, organizations, communities

II. Freedom, Patriotism, Veterans Day History and Character Education:

  • Advising educators on rationale and strategy to teach students Plan for School and Life, Veterans Day Founding History and Character Traits, Freedom to Flourish, and Best-Self Leadership
  • Online resources for teachers
  • Book on Veterans Day Founding and Patriotism in Action
  • Poster Veterans Day Founded in Alabama for schools, veteran lodges, city halls, tourism venues, and patriots
  • Presentations, classroom teaching

III. Farm and Ranch

  • Seminars and workshops for 12 +/- hosted in the farm house or barn loft
  • Plan writing and improving in the barn loft overlooking a pond, on a chair or bench next to one of two ponds
  • Can include walks in the woods on trails or around pastures, garden and orchard, grooming horses
  • Coaching to instruct, serve as sounding board, private Q&A
  • Events for younger students can include learning sessions on horses such as earning trust, developing instincts, training, grooming, trimming hooves, and using math to determine how much to feed….
  • Focused curriculum teaching aimed at your needs selected from college and professional development topics


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