Col. “Stretch” Dunn

Remembering Col. C.H. “Stretch” Dunn (USA Retired)

Lifetime Trustee, Past President, Johnny Johnson Loyalty Award Honoree, Faculty, Friend

Announcement of Death and Tribute by Life Leaders

Full Obituary in by Family

Full Tribute Poem by Bob Barefield

Stretch visits The Vietnam Memorial / “The Wall” at the name of Tommy Hays. Statue of Vietnam soldiers nearby superimposed. Photo from Patriotism in Action (Dyson & Dunn), which originally was inspired by the full military honors funeral of Stretch’s dad, Lt. General Dunn, at nearby Arlington National Cemetery.

Joan Dunn accepts an “Above and Beyond Award for Outstanding Service and Patriotism” awarded posthumously to Stretch from the American Village, Memorial Day 2017. Photo credit: American Village

Books by Stretch and David

Available on Publications page or click one of the cover images to preview, read online, or purchase printed copies mailed to you, or donate for teachers, students, or veterans:​


 Article about Stretch’s 3 Daily Questions on

What to do when Moral Injury holds you back” with Stretch advice

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  3. [ ] Professionalism Under Stress books to veterans, military professionals, families,   young professionals and students serious about learning and development
  4. [ ] Best-Self Leadership planbooks, workshops, coaching of veterans, students…
  5. [ ] Plan for School & Life web pages, blogs, planbooks for veterans, students…
  6. [ ]”Dunn Dogwood” planted at Life Leaders Farm & Ranch the day of his passing
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