Noah Galloway Presented Army Ornament by Col. and Mrs. Barefield

Colonel (Retired) Bob and Nancy Barefield (right) presented a commemorative Army ornament to Sergeant (Retired) Noah Galloway at the Second Annual Alabama Veterans Reunion Appreciation Dinner in Tuscaloosa on August 29th. Noah was the Keynote Speaker at the sold-out event. A double-amputee from wounds in combat, Noah inspires as a speaker as he did as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Colonel and Mrs. Barefield serve as chair of Patriotism in Action, a program presented by Life Leaders, which supports Veterans Day, patriotic service, and events throughout the State of Alabama. Bob and Nancy also serve as leaders in the Support Committee of the Alabama National Cemetery. The ornament is one of a collection designed and sold to support the Overlook Project of the National Cemetery, Col. Stretch Dunn (USA Ret), chair.

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