Advance Freedom, Patriotism, and Veterans Day Education

  1. Best-Self Leadership 
  2. Plan for School and 7 Areas of Life 
  3. Master Your Goliaths 
  4. Patriotism in Action
  5. Veterans Day Founding History, Character, and Leadership Education 
  6. Freedom to Flourish 
  7. Farm & Ranch for Animals and People

Patriotism in Action encompasses events such as Personal Leadership for Patriots in November and Tribute to the Founder and “Driving Force” of Veterans Day November 10; the Dyson-Dunn co-authored book, Patriotism in Action, and many other resources to teach Veterans Day Founding History and Character Education and to support services to veterans, their families, and other patriots.

Veterans Day Founding History, Character, and Leadership Education provides resources to educate leaders and students on who, where, and why National Veterans Day started. We serve as a national resource helping US students and other citizens know National Veterans Day started in Alabama.

Freedom to Flourish teaches students and adult citizens about national historic contributions to Freedom of Liberty (Veterans Day Movement) and Freedom of Rights (Civil Rights Movement) so we also have Freedom to Flourish at our callings with Plans for School and Life.

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