Farm and Ranch

 Nonprofit Events to add Purpose for People teaching Life Leadership with Plans for Life in a farm and ranch setting–plus options with animals

Grandfather teaching his grandchild about horses, nature…


I cannot thank you enough for the sacrifice of your time and money to make an impact on our campers. They loved it!!!! We all did. Your entire team (humans and animals) were amazing and the day was magical!!! What a blessing it was indeed.

~Terry Slaughter, Founder, Camp Rockhurst, and Executive Creative Director & Founder, Devote Studio


  • Life Leaders Ranch Day
  • School and College class visits
  • Coaching for executives, teams, and individuals served by nonprofits

Principles and Practices


  • Animal sanctuary
  • Work and play with people to have purpose
  • Advocate adoption and no-kill shelters except for mercy euthanasia
  • Support honored tradition and meaning of riderless horses
  • Practice Love ’em and Lead ’em Leadership


  • People seeking to Master Goliaths can plan, renew, and begin action
  • Veterans Making Comebacks can heal faster connecting with animals
  • People with physical or moral injury can recover with personal leadership better in nature with animals
  • Students learning about and working with animals develop fitness, responsibility, education, courage, and instinctive leadership that also helps them with people
  • People often treat other people and animals about the same when no one is looking so teaching higher levels of animal rights also helps human behavior and relationships in society.
Pike Video Snapshot (3-16-2017
The Ranch is a good place for events and filming videos, such as this one where David prepared a message for students and alumni at a university.

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Events at host Triple D Ranch or your location.


William learning to pick and enjoy organically grown strawberries.

Principles and Practices:

  • Grow fruits, vegetables, and plants organically
  • Recycle organic material into compost for plants
  • Because of natural horsemanship, not using chemicals and minimizing processed feeds, horse manure supports organic composting
  • Low till organic gardening supports long-term natural biosystems

Uses of Food Grown:

  • Feed horses naturally grown foods boosting health
  • Donated food to veterans in homeless shelters

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