Veterans Making Comebacks Creed

Veterans Making Comebacks Creed

I look in the mirror to assess who I am and who I am called to be…

write goals and resolutions to improve my plans, my habits, myself…

admit, accept, and act to build stronger trust with myself and with others…

focus on my callings, choices, and commitment to lead my life closer to my best-self.

I believe again. I am free to flourish.

This creed is printed on the front page of our workbook for veterans making comebacks, many of whom have been homeless recently or for years. We help them with improving plans for life and best-self leadership for veterans at Three Hots and A Cot. More can follow. Oscar Waldheim (US Navy), our first graduate of the program is teaching classes and coaching veterans who are where he once was (a former White House staffer for President Reagan, injured by bomb, lived in the woods two years…now with a job, car, and independent living…). For more: (Veterans Making Comebacks page).

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