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We are adding and editing to make this landing page a top resource for state and nation to provide helpful resources to help you plus teach and guide students:

  • Outline a Plan for School and Life in k-12 to develop and advance in maturity and usefulness through high school and on to college and/or career. This will boost Attitude, Attendance, and Achievement.

Why? Over 90% of alumni say they wish they got this preparation. Good student development literature calls for it. Professional development best practices call for plans. Leadership development calls for it. As a teacher of students in college and school plus coach to leaders and professionals, they can do better with plans than without them. I wanted this as a student and here to make it happen for this and future generations.

School, family, church, and professional organizations must do this if we are help others with stewardship of their callings, gifts, and talents. We can do it now and improve this generation of our future citizens. You can read more of why and how on the Plan for School and Life page.

  • Use our online resources every November to add content often missing from Veterans Day Education lessons and school programs. We are pleased to provide the history of how the National Veterans Day movement started in 1945-47 by a WWII veteran in Alabama, how he and Gen. Eisenhower agreed on a plan in 1946, and how the first commemoration honoring veterans of all wars started in 1947. See photos of Eisenhower, Reagan, and more. You can use our poster, book, handouts, slides, assignments, and background content to provide your best lessons on Veterans Day. The book helps with character traits, patriotic holidays, and traditions.

We welcome hearing from you how you use our materials and how we can help you more. Millions of students nationally can benefit from teachers offering more inspiration and information.

We are developing a landing page for students at LifeLeaders.Rocks to guide them to handouts and tools to help them complete your assignments.

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