Financial Partners and Servant Leaders Supporting the Mission

Purpose of this Page

To assist funding partners to assess how our mission matches with theirs so we serve with synergy.

Please help us give special thanks to these foundations for helping in big ways that helped us perservere

Funding Partners since 2012 as 501 (c)(3)

  • Alabama Power Foundation
  • Caring Foundation of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
  • City of Birmingham
  • Daniel Foundation of Alabama
  • Lamar Outdoor
  • Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation
  • Joe Lee Griffin Foundation
  • John and Virginia Hornsby Fund
  • Protective Life Foundation
  • The American Village
  • Tribal Council and Foundation of Poarch Creek Indians
  • Troy University
  • Vision Golf and Association Management
  • Welch Hornsby
  • Trustees: Bob Barefield, Stretch Dunn, Melvin Smith, David Dyson
  • Donors: Maj. Jeff Brown (USA Ret), Dr. Susan Gubert, John Hornsby, Barbara Weeks Minor, Brian and Linda Parker, Scott and Linda Parker, Bill and Debbie Weeks
  • Donations for books and posters: American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Association Members and volunteers supporting education, events, radio, tv, video production, online media.

 Plan and Priorities Needing Partners

People Serving and Supporting

About Life Leaders and our Mission

Information for Financial Partners

IRS Letter Granting 501(c)(3) and Donations Deductible

Donors supporting Programs 1995-2012

  • Trustees: Bob Barefield, Stretch Dunn, David Dyson, Johnny Johnson, Hack Sain
  • Association Members
  • National Endowment for the Public Trust

Sponsors 1992-1995

National Leadership Seminars presenting Dr. Stephen Covey (1993), Dr. Ken Blanchard (1994), Mr. Hyrum Smith and Dr. Denis Waitley (1995) hosted at Birmingham-Southern College

  • BellSouth
  • Birmingham-Southern College
  • Alabama Power Company
  • Parisian
  • Protective Life
  • Southern Company Services
  • Personal Leadership Association (now Life Leaders Association)
  • Dyson Leadership Institute (now Life Leaders Institute)
  • Trustees: Stretch and Joan Dunn, Dr. David Dyson, Johnny Johnson, Hack Sain, Dr. Melinda Rowe, Dr. Jill Weeks, Tom Denham, Jennifer Hargett

Life Leaders joined Guidestar on recommendation of several partners to share more information with potential funding partners, advocates, and users of our services we offer. GuideStars tells us Life Leaders is among 2% of nonprofits who offer information transparency. We intend to do more such as complete the Platinum level.

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