National Veterans Day Education

Resources for Students, Teachers, Civic Clubs, and Other Patriots

2017 is the 70th anniversary of the first National Veterans Day (NVD) celebration in Birmingham, Alabama in 1947. Many schools do a good job honoring veterans and remembering the holiday, though the history of “who, how, and where” Veterans Day started has been missing from most schools, perhaps as many as 99%, due to needing lesson plans and content in history textbooks.

You can use these resources intended for educational leaders, teachers in classrooms for millions of students across the nation, civic club presenters, and others who want to share this inspiring national history. Each November 1-11, we can help insure teachers and speakers have resources needed. You can use the handout, poster, and video below for a rich program whether presenting for 5-10 minutes or much more as in a course. There is more video, printed material, and information provided through links.

To learn or do more, call Patriotism in Action of Life Leaders Institute or the Troy University College of Education.

Top Three Resources

Here are the top three resources we have identified for students, teachers, and other patriots:

President Reagan Honors NVD Founder Raymond Weeks

Additional Resources

Additional resources for students, teachers, and other patriots:

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