Plan to Stretch Your Mind

“Man’s mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimension.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

When we push ourselves to expand beyond routine, we expand our capacities. Significant events, experiences, education can change us–over time, so can seemingly small improvements in attitude, fitness, and use of time.

You likely know people who went on a mission trip and came back changed–at least with a different view of themselves, often with changed priorities. Veterans and civilians alike who experience trauma and/or injury can grow from it and become stronger than before.

We can plan to (intentionally) expand our minds, bodies, and spirits, for example:

  • Outlining a plan for life and investing a few minutes daily to review and improve usually adds inspiration and focus that leads to better action.
  • People who follow through on goals to improve or achieve often prove something to themselves (earning a college degree, running a race, or just sticking to a resolution…) and expand courage for the next challenge.
  • Spending time with or reading books about people of courage and example (people who have done what you want to do) can inspire thinking to form healthier beliefs and habits.
  • Reviewing how we spend our time invested in what we say are priorities almost always inspires improvement, especially when we set appointments with ourselves and others to help us live our priorities.

When something happens to us, our responses can change how we think and behave–for the worse or for the better. We can lead our lives better if we have a positive planned response for how we will react to ambushes, challenges, and disappointments, as well as daily opportunities for joy. We also can intentionally stretch ourselves through plans and actions that lead to better mental, physical, and spiritual fitness. -David

Part of the mission for Life Leaders is to help people PLAN and LEAD in LIFE to flourish at our callings and choices.

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