Plan and Lead your Life

  1. Best-Self Leadership
  2. Plan for School and 7 Areas of Life
  3. Master Your Goliaths
  4. Patriotism in Action
  5. Veterans Day Founding History and Character Education 
  6. Freedom Lives/Freedom to Flourish 
  7. Farm & Ranch for Animals and People

Best-Self Leadership is a core program of Life Leaders because it is part of our mission to help individuals, groups, and communities learn and use principles and practices of living as our best-selves.

Plan for School and 7 Areas of Life: Planning and Personal Leadership are in the top 3 lists for personal and professional development. Most people say they “know” about goals and plans as a best-self strategy. Yet, fewer than 5% have taken action (so far). The time is right for implementing this common sense. Best-Self Leaders will require and reward students and professionals to use plans.

Master Your Goliaths: What Goliath is threatening you or someone you know? Master Your Goliaths publications and programs take Best-Self Leadership and Plan for Life deeper to focus on plan and action to remove barriers and/or go to the next level.

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