Life Leaders Members meeting January 15 to develop Plans

Important Meeting Thursday for Members, Prospective Members, and Interested Friends

Dear Prospective Members and Interested Friends of Life Leaders,

You are invited to participate in our first meeting of the year to review and improve purpose and plans this Thursday after work, January 15.

Life Leaders is hosting a meeting for members and interested friends at our regular location, 201 Office Park (3rd floor), hosted by Melvin Carrington Smith.

5:30-6 Arrive before 6 for fellowship and water or coffee.

6-7       We will summarize the mission, vision, and goals for Life Leaders, then hone in a bit more on a few programs that are priorities this quarter, and invite you to summarize your important goals for the year. Then, you can tell us how Life Leaders can help you most.


Host: Melvin Carrington Smith

Moderator: Stretch Dunn

Mission and Vision for the top 7 goals for Life Leaders: David Dyson

Life Leaders member and public seminars at lunch January – April: Melvin, David

Plan for School and Life/Freedom to Flourish: David

Veterans Making Comebacks: Oscar Waldheim

Web site and technology improvements you can use with Life Leaders: Kyle Crider

Your goals for the 7 areas of life (few minutes to jot your priorities): David, Melvin

Your preferences and suggestions for seminars, meetings, other this quarter: Melvin

Adjournment: Stretch

We rarely have meetings. This is our chance to improve our plans connected to you. And, if you care about advancing city and state, with niche programs for teachers and students as well as veterans making comebacks, we can find ways to do so together.

7:15-8 supper together at Tasiki’s (order food or drink as you wish—discuss your goals or just have fun).

Make your Reservation:

Reply to this email.

Note: we are testing an improved email and events management program with our members so our offerings to you are about to improve again.

Life Leaders has a niche purpose advancing planning for life and best-self leadership. You are important to our mission.

David, Stretch, Melvin

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