Life Leaders May 7 Meeting Central Alabama

What we plan to do Thursday:

5:45-6: Arrive for fellowship, water, coffee (team arrives at 5)
6-6:30: Introductions, Prayer, Pledge, Seminar
   Mission: Melvin Carrington Smith, Sr., VP & Trustee
Prayer: Bishop Dr. Bernard Omukubah
Pledge of Allegiance: Col. Bob Barefield (USA Ret)
Short Seminar: Dr. David Dyson
  • When we need to “Go for It” in Life (even when it does not appear logical)
  • Three Main Considerations Making Decisions
  • Bringing Star Home: 5000 Mile Journey of Inspiration, Loyalty, and Motivation to make the “Calling” “Logical”
  • Workshop: few minutes to write plans and ideas for an area of calling for you.
6:30-7: Progress and Plans
  • Freedom to Flourish and Plan for School and Life in schools: David
  • Freedom City: meeting and shared mission with Mayor Bell, survey
  • Memorial Day at the Alabama National Cemetery: Bob and Nancy
  • Empowerment Week idea: DeWayne and David
  • Association Meetings and Membership: Melvin
  • Supper at Taziki’s follows, if you wish.

Register on or write to to make your free reservation. This seminar and meeting provided by members and partners. Membership is available.

Member Share Table Options
  • Bring: books, articles, handouts, invitations to events related to our mission.
  • Take: items you or someone you know can use.
  • Donate books and resources: for us to provide to others such as teachers, veterans homes….

7:15-8: Supper & Social at Taziki’s discuss plans and progress or just enjoy good food and fellowship.

Meetings provide a good way for members, partners, spouses, and friends to know what we are doing and influence plans and actions. Prospective members and funding partners can learn more to decide how they can learn, plan, and serve. You can give feedback on the seminars, meetings and services we offer.

You may send agenda items, suggestions, and requests to
(see Association, Enroll, Subscribe, Programs of interest….)
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