Life Leaders Institute and Roman Street Music

The Roman Street Concert and Life Leaders support was a big success–great music and fellowship in a full room at Moonlight on the Mountain. The band thanked Life Leaders for attracting so many in the audience and told the group of the young guitarists playing at Life Leaders seminars and other events even before Roman Street Music was formed.

This was a special event of Life Leaders inviting members and friends. Many took our summary sheet about Life Leaders or provided information to join the mailing list.

Life Leaders hosts each December a Year-End Celebration of Progress and Plans. We are exploring dates and options to feature Roman Street to make our event better and larger to expand our community service and support. If you would like to receive an invitation to the event, you can send your name and email information for us to add you to the mailing list. If already a subscriber, you can edit your subscription preferences when receiving the next mailing from us.

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