$20,000 Challenge Grant will help Life Leaders provide programs for teachers, students, veterans, citizens…

Life Leaders Challenge Grant

When Life Leaders receives $20,000 in new grants and donations for our public service programs, funding will double thanks to a matching grant of $20,000 from the Daniel Foundation of Alabama. Your tax-deductible donation–and/or advocacy to a person, corporation, or foundation who can partner–is needed NOW so we can implement programs for teachers and students, veterans making comebacks, and motivated citizens planning for life and learning best-self leadership.

We aim to:

  • help more teachers guide students to write plans for school and life as well as learn why they are free to flourish–how Veterans Day started in Alabama connected to school character traits, civil rights, and inspiring callings.

  • help veterans making comebacks improve plans and personal leadership for self reliance beyond homelessness.

  • help more citizens develop plans for life and best-self leadership in public seminars that also foster volunteerism to advance city and state.

Our priority goals on page 3 of the Case Statement for Partners highlight more of what we plan to do.

  1. Do you wish students wrote a plan for school & life to inspire & guide them?
  2. Do you believe homeless veterans could make comebacks better if they assessed their core problems and outlined solutions in a plan for personal leadership better than what led them to homelessness or other despair?
  3. Do you believe Birmingham and Alabama can earn a more positive brand nationally as a national leader in the USA?

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama pledged $20,000 as a matching grant to support our work. We can create positive change supporting teachers and students, veterans, citizens, city, and state, increasingly influencing the USA. If you support with a grant or donation–or advocate us to someone who can–your impact will double.

Your advocacy and introductions to people of shared values–inspired individuals, foundations, corporations and/or others can help us find them–and them to find us. If you know people who might be “looking for someone” to do work they also believe in, please click here (6 questions, 2 minutes) to tell us about them and your ideas. We seek to match with partners of like mind vs. sell.

We invite you to read our Case Statement of Progress, Plans, and Call for Partners–our summary report of what we have done recently and what we seek to do soon (pages 1-2 have photos and bullet points of progress & 3-4 outline priorities).

Anthony Ray Harris with Oscar 2014 12
Oscar Waldheim, graduate of Veterans Making Comebacks and new trainer and coach for veterans, pins a veteran at Ryan Winslow House of Three Hots and A Cot for completing a workshop to write Goals and Resolutions for better personal leadership and self reliance. Do you want us to help more veterans making comebacks write plans for a better life beyond homelessness, learn best practices for personal leadership and post traumatic growth, and take action to improve their habits and results?

If you and others you know are also inspired by what you see and support any of the results possible, you can click the button below to donate. Every dollar puts us closer to our $20,000 goal, which thanks to the Daniel Foundation, will double to $40,000!  Your support and advocacy are needed and appreciated. We promise to keep working hard and having impact. Thank you for caring about our work to read our mailings.

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