Dr. David Dyson

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Dr. David Dyson loves to help people plan and lead in life
and he loves to care for and work with animals on the farm.


Dr. David Dyson, founder of Life Leaders, Trustee, author of books, seminar speaker, lecturer at Troy University Institute for Leadership Development, resource to educators, student development, and organization leaders.

Educational preparation:

  • Bachelors in Business, Auburn University
  • Masters in Management, Birmingham-Southern College
  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Vanderbilt University
  • Institute for Educational Management, Harvard University
  • College Management Program, Carnegie-Mellon University.


  • Teacher for hundreds of seminars, briefings, and other presentations ranging from planning to personal leadership to patriotism
  • Executive and life coach
  • Lecturer and adjunct professor on Life Planning and Leadership, Best-Self Servant Leadership, Management, Business Planning, and Entrepreneurship.


To empower people, organizations, and communities to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE to flourish at callings.

My callings include helping you develop Your Callings and Choices in a Plan for the 7 Areas of Life including your Best-Self Strategy so you flourish and empower others with more significance.


Students write Plans for School & Life to be more prepared for school, college and/or career, with enhanced attitude and achievement. Students write of purpose and plans, creating greater sense of mission and motivation.

College students expand their Plans for College and Life to include Professional Mission and Vision, Professional Development, and Best-Self Leadership Strategy.

Leaders in education and services help those they serve develop plans that inspire action to become and achieve–in some cases, recover–with plans and best practices better than before. Former students who have become Veterans Making Comebacks, Prisoners Earning Re-entry, and others needing assistance will be better prepared.

We also connect these lessons to Freedom of Liberty and Rights that provide Freedom to Flourish.

We provide templates for planning and books, workbooks, and articles for best practices. Call to discuss what you want in a program or service designed to be informative and inspirational–presented and/or directed–to support leaders and results:


If your callings match mine or Life Leaders:


205.670.1733 or 205.422.6484 (cell)

May you PLAN and LEAD in LIFE to flourish as your Best-Self and Serve Others. ~David

Birmingham and Alabama can develop distinctions and service impact for national movements for freedoms launched and led here– (1) Veterans Day, (2) Human Rights, (3) Plan for School and Life. Birmingham can add a brand, a nickname: Freedom City, which represents Freedom of Life & Liberty, Freedom of Civil & Human Rights, and Freedom to Flourish at our Callings. We can serve the USA providing resources to teachers of millions of students who value teaching Veterans Day, Rights, Character, and Citizenship.

More for event planners, media hosts, and sponsors:

7 Best Practices for Life Leaders (PDF)

7 Best Practices for a True Professional (PDF)

7 Best Practices for Best-Self Servant Leader (PDF)

Radio and TV Host Interview Preparation Sample (PDF)

CV Summary Posted 2017

Education – Professional Development – Experience

  • Doctor of Education, Higher Education Administration, Vanderbilt University, Peabody College, Department of Educational Leadership (Nashville, TN).
  • Institute for Educational Management, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA).
  • Master’s in Management, Birmingham-Southern College (Birmingham, AL).
  • College Management Program, Carnegie-Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA).
  • Bachelor’s in Business (Finance), Auburn University (Auburn, AL).
  • Jefferson County Schools: Rocky Ridge, Berry, Gresham, Shades Valley (Birmingham Area, AL).
  • 200+ seminars: planning, development, leadership, management, business, institutional advancement.

Professional Service Experience

Education, Student, and People Development / Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development / Strategic Planning and Management / Association and Community Development / Board Planning and Governance

  • Lecturer, Institute for Leadership Development, Troy University
  • Life Leaders Institute director: Association seminars, community plan projects…
  • Program director, Life Leaders America (501c3) (1992-): public seminars/service—Personal Leadership (1992-); Plan for Life (1992-); Patriotism in Action (2003-), Freedom to Flourish (2013-)…
  • Lectures/seminars: Plan for School, Profession, and Life; 7 Best Practices for Life Leaders; Mastering Your Goliaths; Earning Trust and Empowerment; The Purpose of Life; T.I.M.E.; Strategic & Critical Thinking…
  • Seminars with authors: Dr. Stephen Covey, Dr. Ken Blanchard, Dr. Denis Waitley, Mr. Hyrum Smith.
  • Educational Consultant: Univ. of Alabama College of Education (helping faculty develop plans i alignment with the dean and College).
  • Continuing Education Instructor: Life Leaders, professional societies.
  • TV/radio guest: Troy TV, Lou in the Morning Radio Show, Michael Hart Radio Show…
  • Professional practice—executive coach, management trainer, plan consultant, author and co-author.
  • Professor (adjunct): Life Planning & Leadership; Strategic Management; Principles of Management (Birmingham-Southern College); Leadership (UAB Engineering); Business Plan Competition, Entrepreneurship (Whitworth U).
  • Board planning and leadership, advisor to managing partners, Vision Golf and Association Management.
  • Executive and Professional Development Coach (executives, boards, emerging leaders, students).
  • Leadership Program Consultant-Coach-Faculty, Sain Associates, Hack Sain, Founder (1993-2007).

1987-88   Vanderbilt University: doctoral candidate in residence: dissertation, articles published.

1980-87   Birmingham-Southern College: Associate Vice President (1984-87): VP Council, Director of Strategic Planning, Budget Committee… Adjunct faculty, Strategic Planning; Director Alumni Affairs (1980-87). Earned Master’s Degree in Management and completed College Management Program, Carnegie-Mellon and Institute for Educational Management (Harvard).

1978-80  Author, speaker, student: The Career Planner, seminars on career planning; student UAB Continuing Studies.

1976-78  Pi Kappa Alpha National Fraternity: Director of Chapter Development (1977-78): expansion of new chapters, development of chapters, leader 17 resident counselors; speaker at fraternity/university events. Chapter Consultant (1976-77): Leadership/management consultant/coach to students/alumni.

Publications: books: Patriotism in Action (Dyson-Dunn), Professionalism Under Stress (Dunn-Dyson), Suggestions for Successful Living, Presidential Priorities, The Career Planner; workbooks: Master Your Goliaths, Earning Empowerment; Best-Self Strategy; articles: Time Priorities of Presidents, Personal Leadership; Attitude; Purpose of Life; Ethical Fitness….

Past Awards

Community: 10 Outstanding Young Citizens in Alabama; Outstanding Young Educator, Birmingham; Top 40 under 40, Birmingham; Johnny Johnson Loyalty Award, Life Leaders; Above and Beyond, The American Village.

University/school: Academic Honor Graduate, Masters in Management—Birmingham-Southern College (4.0); Top 10 Seniors—Auburn University; Outstanding Undergraduate (1975) and Outstanding Alumnus (1986)—Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Auburn University; #1 in Region, #7 in Nation, & Diamond Award for Working 70 Hours Per Week (Bible sales, college summer)—Thomas Nelson Publishers; Citizenship Speech Award (What is Freedom), Gresham Jr. High School.

Dr. David Dyson Website

Bio at DrDavidDyson.com

CV/Resume at DrDavidDyson.com


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