Life Leaders at Troy University

Recent Events: Life Leaders Trustee Melvin Carrington Smith, Sr. addresses the African-American Leadership Conference held at Troy University February 3, 2018, with Dr. David Dyson. Smith and Dyson co-authored the Financial Fitness Plan Book (PDF) published by Life Leaders Institute. Troy University and the City of Troy presented this annual event. Get the slides here. (PDF)

(January 18, 2018, Hawkins Hall) Set Your Achievable Resolution
Partners: College of Education, JWS Center for Student Success, Troy for Troops
The Montgomery Campus Center for Student Success hosted a similar workshop presented by Dr. Dyson on January 31, 4 p.m. in the Civic Room.
Trustee of Life Leaders Melvin Carrington Smith, Sr. presented at the African-American Leadership Conference in Troy on Saturday, February 3.

Troy University Veterans Celebration led by the College of Education and Troy for Troops November 9, 2017

Veterans Day Founding Education: History, Character, and Leadership
America’s Veterans Day started in Alabama in 1947: teachers and students should know.

Each participant received a handout (PDF) that can be used in classrooms and civic events. Here are the slides (PDF).

The first topic selected by students for October 2017

The Lunch & Learn seminar was held Thursday, October 12, Trojan Center.
Co-hosted by students and donated by Life Leaders Institute.
Lunches discounted by local restaurants and paid by Life Leaders to support student, faculty, and staff development.

Assess Your Attitude and Ability

You will receive your own copy of this time-tested assessment of the 7 Components of Attitude and Ability developed by Dr. Dyson to help professional organizations wanting to improve leadership and professional development. You will receive guidance to complete your assessment privately and identify actions you could take to boost commitment, courage, and confidence. The assessment is donated for you to keep and use.

History of Life Leaders at Troy U

An interest group invited by Erin Woods met on September 7 in Hawkins Hall, 4th Floor. Erin moderated and facilitated self-introductions of those attending. Dr. Dyson gave a briefing about the purpose, programs, and plans of Life Leaders at Troy U. He told briefly how the movement of teaching students Personal Leadership and Plan for Life started when he was a college student.

Students told areas where they wanted to grow.

Examples from students who stated on their feedback sheets how they could improve:
…need to get more inspired because I have more to give
…want to get more involved in leadership on campus
…need a better plan for my time and action to focus on priorities of school and more
…need to learn how to listen to others better because I am usually thinking about what I will say next

Prior to 2017, Life Leaders and Dr. Dyson had been a guest at Troy several times, including:

  • guest of Chancellor Hawkins in 2012 when Troy hosted Dr. Dyson to record television and radio programs and public service announcements on the founding of America’s Veterans Day in Alabama.
  • speaking in a communications class invited by Dr. Jim Vickrey, former professor.
  • speaking to a Troy U student leadership program over 15 years ago.

Sponsorship of Life Leaders

Life Leaders America has received grants for programs from foundations, such as:

Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Caring Foundation of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Alabama Power Foundation
Joe Lee Griffin Foundation
John and Virginia Hornsby Fund

Donations and volunteer support from trustees and other individuals who are committed to supporting students, true professionals, and servant leaders have been provided since the organization was founded.

Additional Resources

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