[The association] is a part of the fabric of my life and has been since 1992.

Gerry Casey, UAB

You are truly a wonderful, interesting speaker. I feel really inspired to pursue my passions and goals now.

Barbara Shepherd

I do not normally join groups such as this, but I will tell you what impressed me about this group [Life Leaders]:
(1) The fact that what you teach is based on Godly principles. Serving others and meeting needs, as well as personal growth.
(2) The accountability I have seen in your members. Every time I have spoken with Col. Barefield, he makes sure his wife is available and on the phone so she knows what is being said. That is a rare find and is refreshing.
With all that said, it will be interesting to see where all this takes me. I hope that in some small way I can contribute value to the others there and encourage them to keep going.

Tonya Harrelson

The association activities are GREAT! I appreciate all the wisdom and encouragement that you share with us. I was really inspired by what Dwight had to say in the meeting and it struck a nerve with me. The young man that stood and told of him wanting to become an engineer was inspiring too. … I can honestly say that I think you are doing so well in your ministry that there is nothing I would like to see you change!

Steve Hogue

I want to express my heartfelt thanks for all the enrichment I have experienced through the privilege of being a part of PLAN and knowing the humans behind the acronym. Know that your vision IS on target. Don’t forget that. You are growing the leaders of the future with your student business partnerships, and that is the best guarantee of future growth for PLAN. I wish you the very best as you illuminate inspiration in others through your leadership, and the way you live your lives. Gratefully,

Charlotte “Chuck” De Frances), Seattle, WA

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