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When Moral Injury Holds you Back

by Dr. David Dyson and Col. Stretch Dunn (USA Ret) When people set resolutions at New Years or other times of inspiration or decision, the solutions usually require action though…
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Earning Empowerment Takes Action

True Empowerment comes from earning it by individuals, teams, families, and organizations--and about society providing opportunity. Empowerment Week starts Friday for the City of Birmingham, with nicknames such as Magic…
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Life Leaders Year-End Celebration with Roman Street

Life Leaders Year-End Celebration of purpose, progress, plans, & peoplebenefiting public programs for teachers,students, veterans, & the public Featuring Roman Street Music http://www.romanstreet.com Social + Supper + Short Program on Progress & Plans + ConcertTuesday Evening ♦ December…
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Life Leaders Members & Friends attending Roman Street Concert August 13 in Hoover, Alabama

Doors open 6:45 pm. (2 sets with short break, end time estimated at 9). Admission $20 Day of show: Cash at the door (if tickets available—est. 30 remaining) Concert attendees can bring beverage…
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