Financial Fitness Planbook

About the Financial Fitness Planbook

In this brief (8 pages) and valuable planbook, you get two main tools to use:

1) Financial Fitness Checkup to assess your progress and inspire action, plus

2) Plan Page to write goals and actions needed to advance your plans, actions, and results.

To support your thinking about Financial Fitness and using the tools, the authors provide a summary sheet of insight and instruction prior to the checkup and plan.

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About the Authors 

Melvin Carrington Smith, Sr. serves as a registered representative and investment advisor (semi-retired) with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. [CRN-771296-112213].

Melvin serves as a trustee and hosts seminars for Life Leaders Association open to guests and the public. He coaches members and friends of Life Leaders to improve their plans for life, especially for the Financial Area of Life. He also volunteers for the Financial Expo, Optimist Club, and Crisis Center in Birmingham, Alabama. / 205.276.3331

Dr. David Dyson is an author, teacher, and coach seeking to empower people, families, and organizations to identify and fulfill our callings.

Workbooks include Best-Self Strategy, Plan for School & the 7 Areas of Life, 7 Steps to Set Achievable Resolutions, Master Your Goliaths, Earning and Delegating Empowerment, Veterans Making Comebacks…..

Books with Col. Stretch Dunn (USA Ret) include Professionalism Under Stress and Patriotism in ActionDavid serves Life Leaders as trustee and director. / 205.422.6484 /


“Planbook?” Life Leaders believes we need Planbooks — more than just “Workbooks”— so when we learn a principle, concept, or best practice, we can plan how to use that information to improve, to serve, to pass on to others. Try these handy tools as others have for free…

If our work adds value, you can support with a $1 or more donation per copy in use so we can develop and implement more. You can help us donate materials in schools and nonprofits.  If you work with a foundation or caring company, you can help us influence policy and resources for teachers, students, and others in our state and nation.

Suggested donation: $1 per person using the planbook.

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