Progress, Plans,and Call for Partners

1. We have Freedom to Flourish.

Less than 10% in Alabama, less than 50% in Birmingham, and less than 1% nationally know the movements for founding the U.S. national holiday Veterans Day and the Civil Rights Movement launched in Birmingham and Alabama. Should students across the nation, especially those in Birmingham and Alabama, know this history and the inspiring stories of people who flourished at their callings persevering through challenges?

2. We can PLAN and LEAD in LIFE as our best-selves.

Birmingham and Alabama schools can help our future citizens “be, know, and do” with inspiration to flourish, plans for school and life, and best-self leadership resulting in improved attitude, attendance, and achievement.

Which of these do you want to see happen? Want to support?

  • Do you want us to help teachers inspire students to know “why” we are free to flourish (founding city of
  • Veterans Day, cradle of Civil Rights Movement…) with lesson plans, handouts, videos and more?
  • Do you wish more students (maybe more of us) got taught principles and practices of “how” to flourish?
  • Do you wish more students wrote how they can take “action” to flourish in their “plans” for school & life?
  • Do you believe veterans making comebacks from homelessness, injury, or re-entry from war could do better if their service organizations helped them outline plans with goals and solutions to challenges?
  • Do you believe Birmingham and Alabama should focus more on our national contributions to freedom through education, inspiring citizens, and tourism–now and as we prepare for hosting the World Games?
  • The Daniel Foundation of Alabama pledged $20,000 as a matching grant to support the work of Life Leaders and partners. The $20,000 became $40,000 because of new donations.

Our Case Statement of Progress, Plans, and Call for Partners reports what we have done recently and could do soon.

If you and others you know are also inspired to support the results we can create, we hope you will support these goals and/or introduce us to a results-oriented person or inspired foundation leader “looking for us.”

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