Life Leaders for Students

Because It’s Never Too Early–or too Late–to Plan and Lead your Life

Welcome students!

  • Alumni wish they got taught and coached to write plans for life in school.
  • Parents want this for children even more than for themselves.
  • Best-Self Leadership (how to do your best regardless of what you are doing) is the #2 most important topic–it helps you succeed at whatever is important to you (educational, social, personal, professional…)
  • The best schools will soon require, teach, and reward students to write plans for life. Get ready. If they don’t yet do this, request this added help in classes like writing, psychology, and others

The purposes of this page and links:

  1. Help you Plan and Lead your Life.
  2. Help you complete assignments and earn good grades in school, internships, and jobs.
  3. Learn a best-self strategy, 7 Best Practices to Lead Your Life, and write your own to answer, how I do my best.
  4. Write goals and actions for the 7 Areas of Life, including how to develop yourself personal and professionally.
  5. Learn a process and outline a plan to achieve a resolution important to achieving or becoming who you want.
  6. Get better advice from parents, teachers, counselors by doing this work and sharing what your value and plan.
  7. Save time and do better with applications to college and career opportunities.

And, related to lessons and assignments for American History

  1. Prepare for assignments and grades related to Veterans Day Founding History Education
  2. Character traits related to the national movements of Veterans Day and Civil Rights
  3. Why we have Freedom to Flourish
  4. How we can flourish (Best-Self Leadership and Plan for Life…)

You can learn and do more here:


  • Veterans Day Founding Education
  • Freedom to Flourish
  • Best-Self Leadership

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