Information for Financial Partners

This page provides information requested often by foundations, sponsors, and donors.

“My wife, Nancy, and I joined Life Leaders 20 years and got involved immediately with monthly seminars and public programs. My background in the U.S. Army emphasizing leadership and, post-retirement, career coaching fits our teaching on planning as well as professional and leadership development. After the “911” attacks on our country, we added to our work Patriotism in Action public events to promote patriotism and honor veterans….”

Col. Bob Barefield (USA Ret), Trustee and Chair, Patriotism in Action

Primary Areas of Service:

  • Education
  • Character Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Human Services
  • Community Development

We focus on 7 Callings:

Best-Self Leadership, Planning for School & 7 Areas of Life,  Master Your Goliaths, Patriotism in Action, Freedom to Flourish, Veterans Day History and Character Education, and Farm & Ranch that provides space for workshops, coaching, and events positive for planning and personal leadership development. We also take action to start and support programs for students, professionals, families, and team members, city and state leaders, with outreach to key national organizations.

Highlights of What We Have Done and Can Do

Organization type: 501 (c)(3) public service charitable organization since 2012 registered in Alabama benefiting college, public, and community education as well as community development and human service

Year incorporated: 1992 as Personal Leadership Association of America (expanded to Life Leaders America in 2012).

Funding sources: leaders who provide grants, sponsorships, donations, and volunteer services to advance their mission and ours.

Mailing address: 354 County Road 33; Calera, Alabama 35040.

Documents often requested:

We seek to be in the top 2% of charitable service organizations in GuideStar based on a few key criteria:

  1. Achieve the Bronze and Gold levels  on GuideStar sharing public information (done), plus complete more for Silver (financial reporting) and Platinum (governance reporting).
  2. Achieve balance of 95% time focus on service and only 5% needed on fundraising to fund budget.
  3. Partners receive plans, progress, and options to participate as advisors to align our goals.
  4. Information sharing on this web site makes research by partners and prospects effective and easy.
  5. Attract, earn trust, and maintain loyal partners who value work over sales.

Plans and other publications get updated often and posted to web periodically–to get the latest edition or additional information:

Sponsor Benefits and Options

  1. Mailings to subscribers can include announcement of sponsor through news and/or on invitation.
  2. Social media announcements and updates.
  3. Tickets to public events
  4. Program flier
  5. Printed program for event
  6. Partner web site page
  7. Event slide with logo
  8. Table for sponsor materials–yours or those you support
  9. Introduction/recognition
  10. Your request–please tell us what a “win” is for your organization.


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