Independence Day

Celebrate America’s Independence the Life Leaders Way. Commemorate. Take patriotic action.

You can read and share this Independence Day excerpt (PDF) from our Patriotism in Action book. Here is a handy guide to America’s patriotic holidays (PDF).

Life Leaders programs such as Patriotism in Action and Veterans Day Founding History and Education Character Traits inspire and guide our service on Independence Day and throughout the year.

Photo credit: American Village

Only miles from the Life Leaders office, The American Village offers educational programs and events focused on history and citizenship to help people learn and remember the meaning of Independence Day and more of the sacrifices necessary to start and build the United States of America. Many veterans, families, and other patriots visit the Alabama National Cemetery, located next to the American Village.

To commemorate Independence Day, some visit a patriotic place or participate in a program. Advanced ways to honor the meaning of the holiday includes volunteering to provide service that advances community, state, and nation.

Also, consider your own independence. Review and improve your written plan for the 7 areas of life, including how you could earn more independence in your life and help others. Personal leadership is the foundation of interpersonal leadership and service–the more you develop yourself the more you have to give.

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