7 Steps to Set Achievable Resolutions

Resolutions people set in recent decades included goals like “lose weight” and “save more money” in the Top 3 Types. People are increasingly setting goals to add “meaning” and “purpose” in life. More are setting “process” goals like “outline my plan” because in the process of writing a mission and vision, goals, and resolutions, we can identify our callings better and our capacities needed to succeed. The probability of taking action increases because we are more likely to internalize the expanded expectations and choose priorities over “passing time” and share intent with an accountability partner! The process of outlining your plan with key goals, adding how many hours weekly you need to succeed, and assessing how much time you actually spend on priorities may provide the breakthrough you need to fulfill more obvious goals that elude you.

Download “Accomplish Your Goals: 7 Steps To Set Achievable Resolutions” Goals-and-Resolutions-Planbook-2018-01-20.pdf – Downloaded 100 times – 675 KB

This planbook can help you if you write your desired results and then invest at least 1% daily of your time daily reviewing and improving.

Read, print, or download your planbook. You can outline goals for the 7 Areas of Life on a summary sheet to use and keep handy. Then, pick at least one important goal you want to resolve to achieve or to change about yourself or your circumstances. The 7 Steps will guide you through asking and answering key questions about the results, motivation, and actions needed. Then, you can decide to implement or you may decide to adapt your goal based on what you learned in the process. If you have a big enough “why” and invest enough “T.I.M.E.” you can accomplish or change most anything, including Mastering a Goliath challenging you.

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