Individuals, teams, families, boards, nonprofits, schools, leaders

Planning Contents and Deliverables

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision for Results and Values
  • Goals and Actions for the 7 Areas of Life
  • 7 Step Process to Set an Achievable Resolution
  • Professional Plan to use for decisions, in interviews, and start jobs
  • Best-Self Strategy
  • Professional Life Strategy
  • Servant Leadership Strategy
  • Earning Trust and Empowerment

Assessment and Improvement

  • Attitude and Ability
  • Level of Trust and Empowerment
  • Motivating Values
  • Time, Inspiration, Money, Energy
  • Career Skills and Options
  • Veterans Making Comebacks Assessment of Barriers and Causes

Professional Tools

  • Resume
  • Professional Mission and Vision
  • Professional Development Vision and Plan
  • Career options Plan
  • Job search Plan
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Professional Portfolio


  • Orientations, seminars, and workshops often precede individual coaching sessions in which we review plans, options, decisions, best practices, and approaches to work and other areas of life.
  • We can design for each individual though the focus usually is on what results you seek and what actions we need to succeed. We can design and direct for 1-3 months then assess and adjust or we can work through options and involve you in choosing actions to take first.
  • Variables include much fast you want to achieve results, time invested daily/weekly, and budget. Some personal development goals for change or improvement can move as fast as desired and some need to be treat as “seeds” with time to mature. Someone in between jobs or needing to decide on a career path may desire to move much faster than someone thinking of options over time.
  • Methods may include interviews, coaching sessions, workshops, and discussions. Some benefit from connecting with nature or animals such as horses or building courage doing new things along with planning.

Location options

  • Your office or home: convenient and comfortable for you and helps the coach know you and your environment.
  • Life Leaders Ranch: offers new environment in the farm house, area, barn loft, walking a trail, outside at the pond, or a spot you feel inspired to think, write, discuss options.
  • Library
  • Public place: sometimes a coffee shop or cafe works just fine.

Tuition and Fee Level Options

  • Call at no tuition or fee to tell what you would like to do and how you believe a coach can help you
  • One or two sessions to listen, advise, and/or assist you with questions or to take an action $100-250
  • $250 per month
  • $500 per month
  • $1000 per month
  • $2,500 per month or quarter
  • $5,000 for a program in a month or spread over 3-12 months.
  • Other: propose results, contents, services you need and we can likely adapt to serve you.
  • Donations, sponsorships, grants can support programs for students writing plans for school and life, veterans making comebacks, and others needing to master their goliaths…


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