Consider a charitable donation to our new program, Compassion Ranch, to support care of animals in sanctuary who help students learn and develop compassion, courage, and other school character traits.

Life Leaders is a 501c3 nonprofit leading through key programs:

  1. Compassion Ranch for animal care and teaching compassion, courage, and more school character traits.
  2. Patriotism in Action for Veterans Day Founding History and Character Education in schools, civic clubs…
  3. Plan for Life & Personal Leadership: Plan for School and College-Career-Character to help students boost attitude and achievement; or Life Leaders Institute with funds used where the need is greatest.

Donate for Compassion Ranch, Planning, or Patriotism

Donate to our new program, Compassion Ranch. We feed and care for 38 animals on 30+ acres. Most we rescued when they were abandoned or abused. You can support all the animals or pick one of the horses, ponies, donkeys, dogs, cats, or goats.

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram, plus learn more These animals have purpose helping students learn how compassion changed their lives.

Donate to Compassion Ranch animals and programs

Life Leaders Institute teaches seminars, classes, and training sessions to help students plan for school and college-career-character readiness. We help motivated teachers to help their students outline plans to inspire and guide them. We also offer workshops and coaching for adults.

Donate to Life Leaders for helping students with plans for school and college-career-character readiness.

Patriotism in Action leads the initiative to help educate Americans, especially Alabamians, on where Veterans Day started, including the Alabama character traits Patriotism, Courage, and Perseverance. We host the most complete web site for Veterans Day Founding History in the U.S., directed by the Historian for National Veterans Day.

Teaching Veterans Day History and Character Traits for 4th Graders in Hoover.

Donate to Patriotism in Action for Veterans Day Founding Education

The programs your support makes action and results possible.

Your Tax-Deductible Support Builds Life Leaders  to Support You, Schools, and Society!

“I use PayPal regularly with confidence and can assist you to make a donation.”

–Kyle Crider, member and webmaster or (205)306-5811

“When I donated to renew my membership and support programs, I had the option to use my credit card or PayPal. They asked for my email address, which was sent to Life Leaders.  PayPal sent a receipt. It was easy.”

-Bobby Watts-

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Plans and Possibilities with Partners

IRS Letter Granting 501 (c)(3) and Donations Deductible

We apply donations to the greatest need (decided by the director with advice from trustees) unless you want your investment to apply to a favorite program.

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Life Leaders America is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization registered in Alabama. For most areas of service, Life Leaders is either the only or longest-serving provider. Money for the Mission comes from leaders who provide grants, sponsorships, donations, and service projects to advance their missions and ours. 

Information for Financial Partners

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