Tax-Deductible Donations Help Life Leaders Serve and Develop Citizens and Country.  

The programs your support makes possible.

Your Tax-Deductible Support Builds Life Leaders  to support you and society!

Member: suggest $5 per month

Member – one year, $50

Family Membership – one year, $75

Life Leaders Donor – one year, $100

Life Leaders Co-Sponsor – one year, $250

Life Leaders Sponsor – one year, $500

Life Leaders Patron – one year, $1,000

“I use PayPal regularly with confidence and can assist you to make a donation online or mail.”

–Kyle Crider, member and webmaster, or (205)306-5811

“When I donated to renew my membership and support programs, I had the option to use my credit card or PayPal. They asked for my email address, which was sent to Life Leaders.  PayPal sent a receipt.”

-Bobby Watts-

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Information for foundations and philanthropists

Plans and Possibilities with Partners

We apply donations to the greatest need unless you add to the note section you wish to apply to a favorite program.

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Life Leaders is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization registered in Alabama providing public service primarily benefiting education and community development. For most areas of service, Life Leaders is either the only or longest-serving provider. Money for the Mission comes from leaders who provide grants, sponsorships, donations, and service projects to advance their missions and ours. 

Information for Financial Partners

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