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Resources you can use and recommend. You can help us donate materials in places like schools, shelters for women recovering from trauma, and veterans homes helping them make comebacks. If you work with a foundation or caring company, you can help us influence policy and resources for teachers, students, and others in our country and beyond. Donations and proceeds from those purchased support Life Leaders Institute research, development, and service to the public and nonprofits. If these prove valuable, you can support with a $1 or more donation per copy in service so we can develop and implement more.

David writes for the Life Leaders Journal and plus helps people writing for Life Leaders. We also have recommended readings by other authors, ranging from Stephen Covey to Napoleon Hill!

We added new software so the number of downloads starts over with you!

Download “Professionalism Under Stress” prof7.pdf – Downloaded 138 times – 5 MB

Download “Patriotism in Action” Patriotism-2018.pdf – Downloaded 152 times – 15 MB



What is a “Planbook?” Life Leaders believes we need Planbooks — more than just “Workbooks”— so when we learn a principle, concept, or best practice, we can plan how to use that information to improve, to serve, to pass on to others. Try these handy tools as others have for free…

Download “Accomplish Your Goals: 7 Steps To Set Achievable Resolutions” Goals-and-Resolutions-Planbook-2018-01-20.pdf – Downloaded 100 times – 675 KB

Download “Assess Your Attitude & Ability Planbook” Assessment-of-Attitude-and-Ability-Planbook-2017-Dyson.pdf – Downloaded 81 times – 445 KB

Download “Best Self Strategy Plan Book” Best-Self-Strategy-Plan-Book-2018.pdf – Downloaded 76 times – 732 KB

Download “Earning & Delegating Empowerment Planbook” earning-empowerment-plan-book-by-dr-dyson-2017-02.pdf – Downloaded 78 times – 1 MB

Download “Financial Fitness Planbook” FINANCIAL-FITNESS-Melvin-David-2018-0127.pdf – Downloaded 101 times – 1 MB

Download “Plan For 7 Areas Of Life Planbook” Plan-for-College-7-Areas-of-Life-Pages-2018.pdf – Downloaded 82 times – 140 KB

Download “Veterans Making Comebacks Assessment Planbook” assess-problems-attitude-ability-2017.pdf – Downloaded 55 times – 445 KB

Download “Veterans Making Comebacks Goals Planbook” veterans-making-comebacks-plan-book-goals-resolutions-dyson-2017.pdf – Downloaded 47 times – 539 KB

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