Patriotism in Action

Mission: To inspire patriotism in action as well as spirit.

Options for You:

  1. Join the Movement to educate more Americas on Who, When, Where Veterans Day Started: Veterans Day Founding History and Character Education
  2. Attend Personal Leadership for Patriots in November before Veterans Day, hosted at the Southern Museum of Flight
  3. Attend Tribute to the Founder and “Driving Force” of Veterans Day, 4:30-5 pm at Weeks Memorial, Linn Park, Birmingham 
    to kick off Veterans Day
  4. Read the book Patriotism in Action and help donate books to teachers
  5. Attend and support National Veterans Day.


Pres. Reagan Honors National Veterans Day Founder Raymond Weeks
of Alabama on national television 1982.

Life Leaders created this short video for your use in classrooms, veterans events, and civic organizations, and to accompany the handouts and other resource materials found on our Veterans Day Founding Education page. Video contents and approximate times (Total time: 4 minutes 31 seconds): 

  • Eisenhower-Weeks photo (1946) endorsing “National Veterans Day 1947” (0:12)
  • Video clip of Reagan honoring Weeks, the “driving force” for America’s Veterans Day (2:00)–full speech below 
  • Weeks interview on White House lawn by NBC about how he and Eisenhower launched the national holiday (1:20)
  • Jeopardy TV clip: “Father of Veterans Day” (0:20)
  • Closing and call to action–US Senate Resolution restoring historical credit to Birmingham, Alabama, Weeks; Tribute to the Founder at the Weeks Memorial photo; Join the Movement; web site address to get more information (0:30)

Life Leaders’ Patriotism in Action Chair Col. Bob Barefield and wife Nancy receive an “Above and Beyond Award for Outstanding Service and Patriotism” from the American Village, Memorial Day 2017. Photo credit: American Village

Personal Leadership for Patriots at the Southern Museum of Flight before National Veterans Day

Col Barefield, Gen Burford, (Speaker Personal Leadership for Patriots), Dr. Dyson
Southern Museum of Flight

Tribute to the Founder (“Driving Force”) of Veterans Day at the Raymond Weeks Memorial, Birmingham, Nov. 10 or 11

Patriotism in Action Core Contributions

  1. Presents Personal Leadership for Patriots (since the “911” attacks in 2001), in recent years in cooperation with the Southern Museum of Flight.
  2. Presents programs designed to promote true patriotism and professionalism, such as the Tribute to the Founder of Veterans Day at the Raymond Weeks Monument to open national ceremonies in Birmingham each November 10 in Linn Park. Organized by Col. Bob (Ret) and Nancy Barefield with Dr. David Dyson as emcee.
  3. Writes and publishes Patriotism in Action by Dr. David Dyson and Col. “Stretch” Dunn (USA Ret). On the cover of the book, President Reagan pins the Presidential Citizens Medal on Raymond Weeks of Alabama honoring him as the “driving force” for establishing America’s Veterans Day. The book serves as a patriotic guide for teachers, students, veterans, and other patriots, plus as a resource for the nation’s oldest Veterans Day. The book is presented to the National Veteran Award honoree and guest speakers from national organizations.
  4. Leads America’s National Veterans Day Founding Education Movement to educate America on who and where Veterans Day started and the educational character traits supported–patriotism, courage, perseverance, loyalty, citizenship, plus five more we recommend: freedom, peace, honor, trust, and leadership. Also provide printed materials for educators, students, veterans…. Posters showing the character traits plus support from Eisenhower and Reagan are displayed in schools, city halls, tourism centers, and veterans chapters by patriots reminding Veterans Day started here, it’s significance to students, and why we lead.

Patriotism in Action also links with: Freedom City, Freedom to Flourish, and Advance Alabama, and Memorial Day.

You Can Take Action!

  1. Attend events we sponsor and support.
  2. Subscribe to Life Leaders and/or special list for Patriotism in Action.
  3. Get and/or donate posters for schools, veterans organizations, city halls, tourism venues, government leaders.
  4. Donate for events, materials, and educational presentations and pilot programs using the Donate button or mail to: Patriotism in Action; Life Leaders; 354 County Road 33, Calera, AL 35040.
  5. Get resources, service, or info: Dr. David Dyson and volunteer to help with patriotic events: Col. Bob Barefield.
  6. Attend the historic National Veteran Award Banquet in Birmingham on Nov. 10 or 11.
  7. Attend Veterans Day (Nov. 11) activities with us or in your home town.

Link to Veterans Day Events – National Veterans Day web site:

Support Patriotism events and service with donations for posters, books, events, and programs for veterans, students, and the public.

Raymond Weeks Monument with the Patriotism in Action Wreath at the Patriotism In Action Tribute to the Founder (aka “Driving Force” by Reagan) of National Veterans Day, Birmingham, Linn Park, Nov. 10 or 11 since 2005.

Col. Bob Barefield (USA Ret) on the Michael Hart Radio Show telling listeners about Patriotism in Action events supporting Veterans Day (Personal Leadership for Patriots and Tribute to the Founder of Veterans Day), plus more supporting Veterans Day and the Alabama National Cemetery.

Col. Bob & Nancy Barefield, Chair Patriotism in Action

ABC news featured Patriotism in Action chair Bob Barefield on “Everyday Hero” by Brenda Ladun, Memorial Day 2016:

Everyday Hero Story TV Clip

Col. Barefield served as chair of the Support Committee for the Alabama National Cemetery

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