Special Events

Special Events in our Past and Future add to our body of work and mission to influence.

  • National Leadership Seminar hosted at Birmingham-Southern College 1993, 1994, 1995:

Dr. Covey                     Dr. Blanchard              Dr. Waitley               Drs. Berte, Covey, Dyson

  • Dr. Stephen Covey’s first seminar in Alabama 1993: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Principled-Centered Leadership
  • Dr. Ken Blanchard seminar 1994: Situational Leadership, One Minute Manager
  • Mr. Hyrum Smith and Dr. Denis Waitley seminar 1995: Belief Windows, Psychology of Winning
  • Among the sponsors: Alabama Power, BellSouth, Parisian, Protective Life, Southern Company Services
  • Year-End Celebration of People and Progress with music by Roman Street

  • Personal Leadership Retreat 1993

Summer and Holiday Socials–People who learn, improve, and serve together gather at least annually for socials:

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