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Life Leaders Journal 

Information and Inspiration
to help you PLAN and LEAD in LIFE and Serve Others.

A continuously improving resource primarily for those who value leadership development and service:
Best-Self LeadershipPlan for College-Career-CitizenshipMaster Your Goliaths; 
Earn and Delegate Empowerment; Motivating Values; Time-Priority Leadership; Servant Leadership;
Patriotism in Action; Freedom to Flourish;
 Veterans Day History, Character, and Leadership Lessons

that can be taught in college, K-12, professional studies, and continuing education
for students, true professionals, and leaders who serve and inspire others.

Content includes positive quotations that inspire and inform, principles and best practices you can use, and more you can share serving others in this free, online, “open source” format to reach more people.

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Life Leaders founder Dr. David Dyson also publishes a journal ( to which you may also subscribe at no cost–a gift to you and those you serve and influence.

You can use our program pages and publications as resources. Most are “open resource” thanks to foundations as well as individual and family donors who help us serve and add impact.

Editor: Dr. David Dyson is founder and trustee of Life Leaders Institute (501 c3 nonprofit) and Lecturer in Leadership Development at Troy University (an international university based in Alabama) that emphasizes development of “Leadership” and a “Warrior Spirit.” As editor, David contributes and also helps students and faculty publish valuable information they and others can use based on their own work as well as citing others who have influenced them.

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May you PLAN and LEAD your LIFE
and Serve Others.

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